How Can Luggage Storage Melbourne Help You While Traveling Through 

Exploring a place like Melbourne is an exciting thing to do. However, if you’re lugging around many of your things with you, the excitement can easily wear off. It would be wonderful if you can tour around the place without worrying about carrying your stuff. Well, the good news is that hiring a luggage storage Melbourne service is a great solution for travelers around the place.   

Luggage Storage: What is it? 

This kind of service is relatively new for many people. Luggage storage is a service that aims to help people with plenty of luggage but don’t have anywhere to place it. Travelers or students are among the groups of people who may benefit from this kind of service. 

A luggage storage company provides space for their clients to leave their belongings while they go out to travel or do their thing. The company stores the luggage until their client is ready to pick them up again. 

There are several benefits when it comes to placing your things in a luggage storage. So long as you choose a reliable company, you can travel light and without worry because you’re sure that you’ve left your things in safe hands. 

How It Helps 

When you’re on a trip, the most tedious thing to do is take your luggage wherever you go, especially if you’re hiking. It can be frustrating to move with all these things around. Some may even have to change their plans because they think that carrying all this weight is too much. 

That said, here are the ways a luggage storage service can help travelers:

1. It Provides a Safe Storage Solution

When traveling, you’re not sure who to trust. It can be tricky moving around using public transport or going to places that need you to leave your things behind. It’s also difficult to ensure that your eyes are constantly on your things as this just takes away the enjoyment of exploring and admiring a new place. Most luggage storage companies provide a guarantee or an insurance for your luggage in case of unexpected incidents. 

Keep in mind, however, that not all storage companies are made equal. At times, storage facilities are disorderly and lack security. For this, you may hesitate to leave your things with an unreliable storage company. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure that the company you choose has proper security measures in place.  

In addition, a luggage storage company usually works with numerous partners all over the place, and these partners are individually trained and vetted to provide a storage facility that will best fit your needs. This would mean that somebody will be there to assist clients in dropping off and picking up their things in their chosen location, which can be extremely convenient, especially when you’re bringing along a lot of things.

3. You Can Store Your Luggage in Different Locations

In storing your things with a luggage storage company, you can choose a location that will fit your travel plans, finding virtually any storage location within Melbourne as most facilities are also just near Melbourne’s tourist spots. It’s also crucial to find an Australian-owned company for additional safety. 

You can choose from any of the following places: 

  • Melbourne Central Station 
  • Flinders Street Station 
  • Fitzroy  
  • Southern Cross Station 
  • Spencer Street 
  • Marvel Stadium 
  • Melbourne Airport 
  • Tullamarine Airport 
  • Richmond 
  • Train Stations 
  • Skybus 
  • Avalon Airport

3. It Takes Away Most of the Weight

Whether you’re traveling light or you’re taking your whole house with you, it makes a difference to not worry about your extra bags. Worrying constantly about your things can be tiresome already. With their safety in mind, you can roam around the place without worry and with your hands free to capture pictures. 

Luggage storage facilities will typically allow their clients to store stuff in all sizes, although some may only able to accept smaller bags such as overnight bags, suitcases, backpacks, or cabin bags. This can be one thing to consider when booking your stuff for storage to avoid turning up with an item that won’t fit. Check if you can also store gym or sports equipment, suitcases, or anything of any size. If the items are safe and legal, you can leave them at any location with some peace of mind.

4. It Helps You Plan Your Day Flexibly

Making travel plans less the luggage gives you the chance to fully experience the place. While traveling around with your things is possible, it can be annoying and less enjoyable. Whatever plans you have in mind, you can easily follow these because you’ve got less things to worry about. Since your luggage is already taken care of, you have the chance to enjoy yourself and the place, too.  

Depending on your schedule, you can choose the day you plan to drop your luggage off to your chosen location. You then decide what date you’ll get your luggage again. Once you’re done with your travel plans, you can claim your belongings back on your scheduled date. 

If you’re planning to leave your stuff in a luggage storage, it’s crucial to check the facility’s opening times. Ensure that the location you chose is open whenever you drop off or claim your luggage. You can check this information on the company’s website when booking online. Make sure to take note of these times to avoid causing unnecessary travel to the facility only to find it closed.

5. It Helps You Save Money

When you’re going around with many things, your transportation options may be limited to taxis only, which isn’t the most affordable option. At the end of the day, you may have spent more for moving around your things with you. 

Luggage storage companies generally aim to help people have peace of mind while traveling and exploring Melbourne. Whether you’re planning to store your things for a day, a week, or a month, you’ll be able to find a company that provides reasonable prices. Storing your luggage for a long time may even allow you to enjoy a greater discount.  

6. It Allows for Hassle-Free Booking

Luggage storage services work simply. You don’t need to sign up, register, or download an app. All you must do is access the user-friendly website and book from there. You’ll then decide how many bags you need to store in the facility. Check how much the service charges per day, and if they provide a guarantee or insurance.  

Once you’ve chosen your location, drop-off and pick-up dates, and number of bags, you’ll immediately know the total amount you need to pay for the service. You can then enter your payment information to proceed to payment. 

After payment, you should receive an email confirmation of your booking. The address to your chosen storage location will also be provided. You are then ready to drop off your things on your specified date. This ease of use can be beneficial for travelers since most already have a packed itinerary.  

Going Around Melbourne 

Melbourne is an exciting place and with many sites to visit in the city, you need to know how you can easily go around the place. 

An easy way to travel around Melbourne is through the Myki system. For this, you need to have a Myki card, which is a public transport card. You can use this to pay for your trips when taking the train from one station to the next. The Myki cards are also used to pay for your bus and tram fares around Melbourne.

A Myki card will cost you 6 AUD, while children and senior citizens pay for 3 AUD. You can buy the card on some booths and machines located at train stations or at retail outlets like 7-Eleven. But note that you can’t purchase these cards on the bus or tram. 

In buying the Myki card, you can choose between a Myki Pass and Myki Money. The difference between these two is that the pass gives you a particular amount of money for a number of days of unlimited trips, while the Myki money will have the fare deducted from the card each time you board the tram, train, or bus. 

If you’re traveling occasionally, it’s great to choose Myki Money. If you’re constantly moving, choose a Myki Pass. You can choose the location you’ll go to and the number of days you need. You can have a pass for 7 days or between 28 and 365 days. 

Each time you board, you need to tap your card against the Myki reader to “touch on.” Likewise when you get off at the stop, you tap on the reader again to “touch off.” 

You also need to note that there are exceptions for trams in the Melbourne central business district. Listen for announcements to tell if you’re in a free tram zone. In case you are, you don’t have to touch on or off on your card. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many things to do and many places to stay in Melbourne, and with less worry over your luggage, you’ll truly make the most of your stay in the place. Using a reliable luggage storage facility can greatly help travelers keep their things in a safe place while spending their time traveling around Melbourne.