What To Bring When Taking a Working Holiday In New Zealand

Many of us have always wanted to fill up our backpacks and head off to distant lands and explore the world. If New Zealand has been on your radar and you’ve been wondering about the best way to explore the island, then you can always consider going to New Zealand on a working holiday.  

Jobs You Can Get with a New Zealand Working Visa 

Thereplenty to see in this beautiful land of the single white cloud. Work opportunities are diverse and many people around the world can travel and work in New Zealand. However, the regulations and visa requirements will depend on your country of origin. Soalways do proper research before embarking on your adventure.  

The main jobs that you can get with a New Zealand working visa include: 

  • Horticulture 
  • Farm jobs 
  • Hospitality 
  • Bartending 
  • Retail 

Note that many people who get a New Zealand working visa will tend to get horticulture jobs, such as fruit picking. However, there are also plenty of job opportunities for the avid backpacker including, bartending. 

Moreover, if you’re a backpacker and possess the required skill, you may find a job through different online platforms, such as Backpacker job Board NZ. 

What to Bring to New Zealand 

1. Items Depending On The Weather 

When you finally arrive, understanding New Zealand’s weather is an important part of having a good time 

The weather often depends on the part of New Zealand that you plan to visit. If its the north island, the temperatures are often pleasant and warmer than the South IslandBecause of this, you can bring at least 5 pairs of underwear, tank tops, pants or skirts, light scarf, hat, daypack, water bottle, and towel. 

On the other hand, if youre visiting the South Island, especially during the winter months, youll need to bring warm clothes, such as a thick scarf, jacket, and pants. However, if youre visiting the Southern islands during the warm months, in addition to your warm clothes, you can also bring some hiking pants and hiking boots.   

2. Travel Insurance 

It’s crucial to have good travel insurance before going to New Zealand as well as any other part of the word, especially if you’re going backpacking. This is a safety precaution when your essentials go missing, then you’ll be covered. 

While it’s your obligation to ensure that you have secured travel insurance, its also a requirement for a working visa in New Zealand.  

3. Important Documents  

Since travel officers will ask for these documents, some of the important documents that youll need include bank statements, travel insurance, and visa. Its important to ensure that you have them printed so you’ll have the evidence you need at customs.  

If you have booked your return flight, you can always show these documents. With the return flight tickets, the officers will not need to see your bank statement.  

4. Booking a Tour

When you first land in New Zealand, you may not begin searching for work immediately. A good way to get settled in is to explore the country, which you can do by booking a tour.  

Group trips are a great way to make new friends and meet like minded people.  

What Not To Bring To New Zealand 

Now that you understand what to pack, let’s find out what you don’t need to pack.  

First off, while you may have plans to go on an adventure to explore New Zealand, you don’t have to bring your adventure gear. After all, there are plenty of resale shops in every town where you can rent the gear you need.  

Secondly, you don’t need to bring too many heavy clothes, such as jackets or anything that’s made out of merino. New Zealand has more sheep than people, making Merino a leading industry, which means you’ll find plenty of clothing made out of this warm natural material.  

Lastly, while you may be tempted to carry your gloves, especially if you’re travelling to the South Island, there’s really no need to do so. This is because there are plenty of places in New Zealand where you can purchase gloves made from possum wool. Also, this is the second warmest type of wool second only to the polar bears. 

Final Word 

Working in New Zealand offers a great way to see the country and appreciate its beauty and wonder. Take note that youll need to pack warm clothes, especially when travelling to the South Island. Also, ensure that you have travel insurance as well as the other necessary documents.