Things To Do Near Dunas Douradas in Portugal 

Portugal is a beautiful place to go for a holiday. Apart from the history and culture in the capital city of Lisbon, there’s so much for your whole family to enjoy, both in the countryside and even in the coastline of Portugal. Especially when you travel down the Algarve coast, you get the best sun and the most relaxing beaches. 

Of the many coastal resorts on the Algarve coast, one of the best is Dunas Douradas, which is rated as a five-star resort. This stunning resort is located in the beach area of Praia de Garrao, one of the finest in Algarve and in the whole Golden Triangle. Here, you get to enjoy heritage-protected lagoons and wildlife if you want to step out of your beautiful villas. 

The resort, in itself, is a holiday. Apart from the beach, there are many amenities for you to enjoy and things to do. There are children’s swimming pools and parks, and poolside barbeque areas, tennis courts, and many more. If you want to head out of the resort and see more of the Algarve, you can very much do so, too.  

Apart from resorts, there are a lot of rental options around this area, too. This gives you a chance to choose other options, especially if you’re with a bigger group or if you’re traveling for a longer time. You can find more holiday rental options through various providers, such as Haven On Earth, to make your stay a more comfortable one. 

There are many things for you to do near Dunas Douradas to help you make the most out of your holiday through Europe, particularly a vacation in Portugal.  

Some of these activities and places to see are: 

1. Pine Trees Horse Riding

The Almancil region in the Algarve, where Dunas Douradas sits in, is also rich in natural pine trees surrounding the deserts. Within two kilometers from the resort, you can indulge in horse riding around the pine trees desert. It’s a perfect activity for every member of the family, aged four to seventy years old. If you’ve got family members who also need special assistance, there are facilities for the disabled. Thus, no family member is left behind. 

Horse riding along the desert is also one of the best ways for you to bask in the beauty of the place. The activity is open from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon. But, it’s best that you go earlier in the day, or later in the afternoon before it gets too hot.  

If you love the sun, then go ahead on this fun, sunny, horse trekking adventure.

2. Visit The Vale Do Lobo

If you’re staying longer in this region of Portugal, you don’t have to confine yourself to Dunas Douradas. Five days to a week’s stay is enough for you to have a relaxing holiday, while also enjoying all the amenities that the resort has to offer. There are also many other beaches surrounding the area that offer a different vibe for you to enjoy. One of these is Vale Do Lobo, which is a kilometer away from Dunas Douradas.

VDL is the largest luxury resort in Portugal, which is nestled on a cliff with reddish bricks, overlooking the ocean, it’s as majestic as it can get. You don’t have to spend a week there if your budget doesn’t permit. Even an overnight vacation in their luxurious villas is enough for you to enjoy the place. You don’t even have actually to stay in the area. You can come in for a day trip, take a walk around, and relax. It offers a unique concept of luxury living.  

Walking along the beach to Villamoura is excellent, too. Plus, your dining experience won’t disappoint. There are many restaurants for you to choose from that can give you mouth-watering delights that Portugal has to offer.

3. Touring With Algarve By Boat

Why limit yourself only on land when there’s a vast ocean area surrounding you? There are many tours that you can take to have a day trip sailing through Algarve By Boat. The starting point is only 7 kilometers away from Dunas Douradas. It’s an excellent way for your whole family to experience sailing across the Portuguese coast.  

With this type of tour, you get to enjoy the following: 

  • Choices between a morning sail or a night trip 
  • Chance to view and visit the best sunset view in the area 
  • Interacting with your local Portuguese crewmen 
  • Learning more about the geology of the coastline and the marine history of the Algarve region

4. Visit The Forum Algarve

If you want to do a little shopping, The Forum Algarve is an excellent place for you to visit. It’s a shopping mall all in one. Here, you have a supermarket, restaurants, and even play areas for children. Whether you’re shopping for supplies, souvenirs, or anything that fancies your desire, you’re sure to have a great day.  

The Forum Algarve is one of the largest shopping centers in the region. It opens from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.

5. Go Biking Around The City

Walking around the city is one of the best ways for you to discover the place and live as the locals do. But, you can make it even better by biking around the city. Bikes are available around the Vale Do Lobo, Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, and Quarteira areas. These are only around one to four kilometers away from the Dunas Douradas resort complex. 

Bike rentals also come in daily and hourly rates. If you’re lucky, you may even request for your bikes to be delivered to your resort. Plus, there’s a bike for every member of the family, too, such as mom bikes with child seats, and bikes for the disabled family members.

6. Visit The Ria Formosa Natural Park

If you think that this region of Portugal is all about sandy beaches and dunes, you’re wrong. There are also well-preserved forests and natural parks. One of which is the Ria Formosa Natural Park.  

You can experience nature by enjoying bird-watching activities on a Segway. Birds are undisturbed in their natural location. And, you get to observe their daily activities and interact with them, too. 

Some of the activities that you’ll enjoy at the Ria Formosa Natural Park are the following: 

  • Learning about various bird species that are also natives in this region 
  • Enjoy an hour and a half guided tour around the park 
  • Use binoculars to spot birds, such as flamingos and purple swamphens 
  • Discover more about different coastal landscapes 

For your convenience, round-trip transfers may also be arranged.

7. Ride Around With A Buggy

If biking is impossible for your family, you’ve got a more stable option, which is through buggy tours. This is a four-wheel motorized vehicle that allows you to visit and discover the off-beaten paths of Algarve. Your starting point is only six kilometers away from your home at Dunas Douradas. So, it’s not that far for you to get there and to come home after a long but fun day. 

Through the buggy, you get to avoid the usual touristy tours, as you get to visit places that are inaccessible by other vehicles. If you’re even lucky, you may get to drive through a shallow river and take a dip. This adventure can bring your 4×4 off-road dream to life.

8. Visit The Algar De Benagil Cave

This region in the Algarve is blessed with some of the best rock and cave formations, and the Algar De Benagil Cave, which was once named the 15th best cave in the world, is one of these. The real wonder lies not outside the cave, but inside, once you’ve made it to the eye.  

It has majestic spiral walls, which reminds you of the beauty and power of nature. It also boasts of orange, yellow, and white hues. The seawater inside the eye of the cave blends in a bright, turquoise color, which makes it hard for you to imagine that it’s still a part of the vast coastline. 

9. Visit The Praia De Quarteira

The Praia De Quarteira is around 4.6 kilometers away from Dunas Douradas, which is a beach and coastal area for you not to miss out as well. This area is one of the beach complexes that’s beautifully landscaped to include palm trees right in the middle of the sandy beaches. You can spend a day with your little ones building sandcastles while you rest on one of the beach umbrellas for you to rent. 

Along this beach area, too, many local bars and cafes will genuinely give you a feel of what the locals love to do. Everyone is just in an uplifting mode, making it a great way to enjoy the relaxing vibe of your holiday. 

The end of September is the best time to visit, as that’s when it doesn’t get too crowded. 


Dunas Douradas is a family-friendly resort right at the heart of the Algarve region in Portugal. Because of its strategic location, there’s so much for you to see and trails to trek, too, without having to look and travel far.  

If you fancy the beach, there are two major and beautiful beaches within walking distance. If you prefer the countryside, it’s a car’s trip away. Also, don’t forget the other charming towns surrounding this Golden Triangle region of Portugal.  

For your next holiday, you might want to give Portugal a try. You’re sure to have the holiday of your dreams.