The Most Amazing Hiking Experiences You Can Try

There’s a lot of reasons why you should take a hike. This physical activity allows you to enjoy refreshing air from the outdoors and bask in some of the world’s most breathtaking views. Hiking also helps you make new friends along the way. But with the number of hiking trails accessible today, do you know which trail to take on next? Are you even aware of your hiking trail options? This article can provide suggestions for your next hiking experience. 

Aside from checking outdoor product reviews to know which gear to bring, choosing the location for your next hike is also vital. Picking the inappropriate hiking trail can either pose serious safety risks or won’t challenge you as a hiker. Here are some of the most amazing experiences you can try: 

1. Pennine Way In The United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom is considered as the melting pot of various cultures which were prominent across the world. The Saxons, Celts, Vikings, and Romans converged in the UK during the earlier times. But today, the UK has evolved into something more amazing – it’s now a country which is considered as a paradise for local and tourist hikers. 

For your next trip to the UK, head on the Pennine Way. This is a national trail in England, found within a small section of Scotland. This is the UK’s longest hiking trail which stretches for about 431 kilometers.   

Completing this trail will require you about three weeks. During the trail, you’ll be passing over the eastern side of Manchester, and Yorkshire Dales before finally crossing the border of Hadrian’s Wall. This hiking trail is an excellent option for hikers who can easily adapt to unexpected weather conditions in the UK.

2. King’s Canyon Rim Walk In Australia 

While some people have been hiking for years, others are still new to the activity. People who belong to the latter are usually surrounded by people who often hike and was convinced to hike with them. If you’re one of them, visit Australia and hike in the King’s Canyon Rim Walk. Aside from being able to witness the country’s rich wildlife, this hiking trail can be completed within two to four hours. You can even take your car, park it near the trail and hike with your friends. 

Because this is a relatively easy trail, you can bring your family and kids when you hike here. 

3. Angels Landing In Zion National Park

Hiking usually involves the same process. You hike in an uphill pattern for hours, enjoy the views from above, and then take the same route going down. If you want to take your next hike to the next level, visit Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. This is one of the best trails for hikers who want to experience adrenaline and thrill. This hiking trail is along a narrow spine of rock with 1000 foot drop-offs on both sides. 

To complete this trail, you need to hike about 9 kilometers for two to five hours. Depending on your experience and skills, the hike can even last longer. 

4. Tongariro Alpine Crossing In New Zealand

New Zealand boasts several natural wonders. This is where you’ll be able to witness majestic peaks, mountains, caves, and natural bridges. But instead of merely visiting these spots, why not take a hike on one of the island’s best day hiking trails? Doing this will not only allow you to enjoy hiking – but it can also be a platform for you to enjoy New Zealand’s natural wonders in the most unique way possible. 

This hiking trail is located in the northern section of New Zealand, where several volcanic terrains meet with lush and green scenery. Taking this trail will allow you to walk through a lunar landscape, and watch the smoke coming out from volcanoes. Aside from being famous for being one of the best day hikes on the island, the views which you can enjoy from Tongariro Alpine Crossing is constantly changing – one moment the smoke might cover the volcanoes, and in the next minute, every volcano on the island becomes visible. 

For you to enjoy what the Tongariro Alpine Crossing has to offer, you need to hike for at least six hours to complete the entire 19.4-kilometer stretch. 

5. Jiankou To Mutianyu In The Great Wall of China 

Every human being in the world has likely heard about the rich history of the Great Wall of China. During the earlier times, this structure was built to consolidate and protect territories of Chinese empires and states against nomadic groups from other parts of the globe. Fast forward to the present times and the Great Wall of China has changed in a lot of ways – today, the Great Wall of China offers one of the best trails for hikers. 

Taking on this trail will not only provide fulfillment to you as a hiker – the notion of being able to experience one of the world’s heritage sites is always memorable. 

Within this trail, expect that you’ll have to go through wooden ladders and dodge several potholes. And the best part about this hike? You’ll be able to slide down a steep section from the trail. And while some of the sections of this hiking trail are in perfect condition, there’ll be areas which will test out your endurance and skills. Several areas of the Great Wall of China are actually crumbling and is now filled with small trees and overgrown shrubs. These might be seen as small challenges to someone who is truly determined to complete the hike. 

On average, you need to spend about four to five hours to complete this 10-kilometer trail. 

Make Progress                          

When choosing which hiking trail to go next, consider backpacking. You should only hike on a trail which is suitable for your experience and skills. Don’t force yourself to take on a hiking trail which is too challenging as this can only cause more harm than good. Take several hiking trails at a time and gradually progress so you can hike in more challenging trails in the future.